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Setbacks Happen

When I started this blog, I promised to be completely honest about my and Bryan’s weight loss journeys - including any setbacks we experience along the way. Well, unfortunately, I am currently having a setback.

I have been feeling so strong and healthy the past few months, I have really been pushing myself during my workouts. Yesterday, I tried the Extreme Cardio Fix workout from 21 Day Fix Extreme with Autumn Calabrese. I pushed to finish the entire workout, and even did some exercises I had never done before. Ironically, I remember thinking to myself quite a few times, “Be careful of your back!” But, I did every exercise and finished strong.

I was sore last night, but no more than usual. I even felt pretty great this morning. Unfortunately, while at a play date with some of my favorite Mom friends, I was sitting down at a table and randomly felt like a dagger was shoved into my lower back. This is an unhappy yet common occurance for me post-back surgery.

I tried walking off the pain, but have not been successful so far. So, as I write this post, I am laying on my bed with my medical back pillow under my knees. I will admit, I have said aloud quite a few times, “This is why I stopped exercising!” And, of course, “This isn’t fair!” But, I need to remember that setbacks happen.

No matter the discomfort I have caused myself at the moment, I need to remember it is temporary. I had a similar injury occur back in October, but I did not have a plan and I ended up taking a long time to recover and gaining back some weight. This time, I have a plan:

No workouts until my back pain has subsided.

Keep diet ON POINT. Maybe even eat a little less while I am not as physically active.

When ready, ease back into exercise with modified workouts. No need to completely abondon exercise - I just need to remember I have had a back injury.

This is not my first setback, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. While it may take me longer to reach my goal, I will still get there.