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Keto Fried Cheese Sticks

Summer is finally here and we have been having a BLAST in our household! Full disclosure, though...Bryan and I have pretty much been treading water with our weight loss from Easter until the end of June. 

From Easter brunch to Mother’s Day cupcakes, from trips to Hersheypark to Memorial Day ice cream treats, we have been living a lot of life...and enjoying a lot of cheat days.

It’s no surprise our weight loss has stalled over the last few months. If there’s one thing we have learned when following a ketogenic diet, it doesn’t work if you are on track during the week and you cheat on the weekends. You get stuck in a holding pattern and end up working really hard during the week simply to lose the weight you gained back on the weekend.

UNCLE! After an awesome vacation to Oglebay Resort at the end of June, we knew we had 4 weeks until our son’s 4th birthday bash, and we have been determined to stay on track.

As I’m sure we have all read, sugar is actually more addicting than cocaine (and I believe it!!) And once you’ve eaten something with carbs or sugar, your brain automatically starts having those old familiar cravings - including fried foods.

Fried mozzarella sticks were always a favorite appetizer for Bryan and I to share. But we have learned that we don’t have to go without them on keto! 

Did you know there is such a thing called “frying cheese”? I certainly didn’t. But I am so glad I know about it now!

These Keto Fried Cheese Sticks are one of the simplest keto snacks you can make, and they taste just as delicious as their carb-filled counterparts. You can make them as big or as little as you like, and they are great on their own or paired as a side dish. Dip them in some low carb pizza sauce, and you will totally forget you’re not cheating.


3 Tbsp butter or ghee

1 block of Tropicana Frying Cheese, sliced

Low carb pizza sauce, for dipping


Melt butter or ghee in skillet over medium high heat until hot.

Add cheese slices and fry until golden brown.

Remove from skillet and serve warm or cooled with low-carb pizza sauce for dipping.